Fotolapse is an iOS and Android application which allows users to take daily pictures and build a timelapse over a long period of time.


Fotolapse catalogues your images and plays them in quick succession to create personalised timelapses for all life has to offer. Fotolapse was created by the Cyan Bear mobile app development team based in Dublin, Waterford and Galway.



Our primary goal for the app is to build a user base who wish to record their life events in a unique way. Common uses include: pregnancy recording, human facial / body development, animal and plant growth and pretty much anything else you can imagine.



Memories fade, but a picture is forever.


Thousands of generations of humans have existed and left little or no trace of their personal identities behind, fotolapse provides a new medium of documenting your life’s biggest events.



From a scientific standpoint, the app serves a very interesting and unique function. We have had keen interest from anti-ageing companies who are concerned with how the human face develops over time. By having a large, diverse user base Fotolapse can give these companies raw data to process and evaluate, to help their research into the human ageing process.



The future of the app is exciting. In 2018 we aim to allow users to:

– Allow users to create an unlimited number of short term time lapses over the course of several hours. For example, a timelapse of the sun setting
– Allow users to save timelapse videos locally and share them to social media
– Allow users to add their own music to their timelapse videos through the app
– Facilitate user communication through a light featured social media environment which will include a newsfeed, comments, likes, shares & instant messaging.




Thank you very much for reading,

Fotolapse Development Team